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Legend has it that coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian shepherd who noted that his goats became restless and wouldn’t sleep at night after eating certain berries. From that, it eventually spread through Egypt and Araby and became common throughout Europe and the rest of the world to become the 2nd largest exported commodity after oil throughout the world today. Little wonder then that there are so many ways to consume coffee these days! But, the essential part of coffee brewing that hasn’t changed over the centuries is how the beans are ground and how this changes the kind of drink you get. And this is how you end up with a machine like the Niche Duo.

You get two sets of burrs in the box (hence the Duo name!) – one for espresso grinding and the other for filter grinding. The espresso burr is pre-fitted, presumably because the espresso burr can be used to grind for filter coffee whereas the filter burr can’t grind fine enough to give you a decent espresso. Of course, you still have control over the grind density with a dial at the top around the edge of the hopper that extends from 0 to 70 with 70 being the largest allowing you to grind to the size that best suits you and whatever method you are using to make your coffee.

The 83mm burrs (most home coffee grinders are usually in the 40-60 mm range) are made from hardened steel so you can expect them to last a very long time and also to give you a consistency that would be missing from other materials that would be more prone to wear and tear. The larger circumference and flatness also helps with this as the beans get ground more efficiently as opposed to with a conical grinder for example. This equates to the same quality coffee every time you use it. It’s easy to switch the burrs out and doesn’t take very long at all, just be sure to watch the video explaining how. RRP £778.80

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