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Niche Zero Coffee Grinder Niche Zero Coffee Grinder
Niche Zero Coffee Grinder 5

The very first thing you notice about the Niche Zero Coffee Grinder is its elegant design, this particularly stands out in the White model with the aluminium body contrasting nicely with the genuine oak detailing for a modern finish.

We all know that looks aren’t everything though but that’s not an issue with this beauty, the Niche Zero is a single dosing coffee grinder, constructed with premium 63mm conical burrs. The patented, straight through design provides a zero-grind retention, ensuring all the flavour ends up right in your cup, there is a dial that can be adjusted for a precise grind setting for your brewing style.
All you need to do is pour the beans into the funnel and switch it on, it will then grind up the beans with surprisingly quiet efficiency, no one needs to deal with a loud blast in the ears before your morning coffee. For safety reasons the Zero will only grind when the lid is fully closed, the dial will help you identify the correct grind size whether you are using a filter, espresso, Chemex or French press, the grind is perfectly consistent no matter the setting.

If we had to be pushed to find something to pick at this isn’t the fastest grinder we have tested but we are talking a matter of seconds here and unless you are in a professional setting it really won’t be that noticeable. It is easy to see the price tag of the coffee grinder and think it is overpriced for home use but if you are into your coffee and use a variety of brewing methods you would do well to find better consistency and retention than this. RRP £499

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This premium coffee grinder delivers a consistent grind for a range of brewing methods.
  • Beautiful modern design
  • 1 gram/sec grind speed
  • Robust construction
  • 63mm conical burrs hardened steel burrs
  • Real oak trim
  • Quiet (below 72dB)
  • Infinite grind dial
  • Safety interlocking lid