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Niwaki Sentei Topiary Clippers Niwaki Sentei Topiary Clippers
Niwaki Sentei Topiary Clippers 5

We are moving into summer this month and that means only one thing, it’s bush trimming time! Get your minds out of the gutter this has nothing to do with skimpy beachwear, we are of course talking about topiary.

Now is the perfect time to get those balls into shape (seriously I promise I’m talking about plants) and Niwaki has got the perfect tools to get you started. Niwaki (pronounced Ni-Whacky) means garden tree in Japanese and is inspired by the pristine and intricately designed gardens in Japan. These clippers have been purpose built for topiary, everything about them feels like you are being handed a precious weapon, they come in a good quality draw sting canvas storage bag, inside that is a presentation box. Both bag and box are red and white in colour, both prosperous colours and representing the Japanese flag, inside the box you will find your weapons of mass creation, the Sentei.

Sentei means to prune in Japanese, exactly what these bad boys have been designed to do, they come in a protective plastic sleeve however for an extra £28 you can get a long leather holster. These clippers fit neatly in the hand and feature 5″ KA70 carbon steel blades with a soft spring action, the delicate profile and all metal finish deliver a timeless and attractive look, adding to the pleasure of the hobby. These require minimal pressure thanks to the sharp and wide set blades making it easy to use with one hand (left or right), you will only be cutting through the soft new growth after all. There is a spare spring included to extend the life span of the clippers and there is an easy-to-use locking catch for safety when the Sentei are not in use. With the right care these clippers will provide years of topiary service, allowing you to enjoy both the physical process of your creations as well as the final results. RRP £49

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Trim your bushes and trees to perfection with the graceful topiary clippers.
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