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Punkt AC01 Alarm Clock Punkt AC01 Alarm Clock
Punkt AC01 Alarm Clock 3.5

So many nights I snuggle down into bed, reach for my phone to set the alarm and decide to have just the tiniest look at Instagram before switching off, a few kitten pictures later and two hours have gone by, I am battling Pikaboy86 on Pokémon Go for rare candy and I’m as wide awake as if I had three espressos in my evening Horlicks.

In a bid to distance ourselves from our screens at night bedside alarm clocks are making a comeback, Punkt is a Germanic word for ‘full stop’ and an apt choice for a company that focuses on creating products that are built around simplicity. The AC01 Alarm Clock is a luxury bedside clock that can add to the elegance of a bedroom while offering a functional and distraction free wake up call.

Available in a Black, Red, White and Anodized finish, measuring up at 9 x 3.4 x 10.7cm is has a slim profile making it easy to find space on the bedside table, there is a soft lining on the bottom to prevent it from scratching the surface. It is constructed from a light but durable aluminium with a scratch resistant glass face, the minimalist design leaves no room for error, there is a large dial at the back of the clock to switch the alarm on with a twist, a small white dot will appear on the clock face to indicate it is active. There is a little light that can be triggered by pressing the back of the clock, the numbers and hands feature glow in the dark detailing, the light button will also activate the snooze function when you just want to grab an extra five minutes in the morning, this can be activated up to 8 times before switching off completely.

This attractive little clock comes with a rather large price tag, the back panel is made from a thin plastic which seems a step down in quality compared to the rest of the clock, the light predominately comes from one direction, whilst you don’t want lots of bright lights blinding you in the middle of the night another one on the opposite side would help to spread the light more evenly, letting you quickly read the time whilst half asleep. The alarm tone itself is a bright little trill, enough to pull you out of your slumber without startling you first thing. It seems almost counterintuitive to spend more for less, but this luxury alarm provides a pleasant way to start in the morning and prevents you from falling into the trap of late-night screen use.

RRP £115.00

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Simplify your bedtime routine and ditch the screens with this stylish alarm clock.
  • Pleasant alarm tone
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Intuitive design
  • Snooze function
  • Durable body and scratch proof glass
  • Luminescent hands and numbers
  • Hefty price tag
  • Light could be more evenly spread
  • Plastic backing doesn’t match the rest of the construction