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scooms Single Hungarian Goose Down Duvet 9 tog scooms Single Hungarian Goose Down Duvet 9 tog
scooms Single Hungarian Goose Down Duvet 9 tog 5

This is the first time we have had a chance to review a product by scooms, so firstly for our readers who have not come across the brand before…

scooms is the brainchild of Emily and Jonathan Attwood, the couple moved from California to Surrey and wanted new bed linen, duvet’s and pillows but they could not find the quality of product that they wanted.

The Scooms Single Hungarian Goose Down Duvet 9 tog isn’t cheap but oh my is it comfy, this is aimed at the Autumn season and it was perfect until we had to replace it during the recent warm spell. The duvet is made from 90% Hungarian goose down and 10% Hungarian goose feathers and is sourced responsibly, meaning the materials come from geese that have been treated well and never live-plucked.

Although it’s made from down and feathers, there’s no problem with putting your scooms duvet in the wash. The company recommends doing so every six to twelve months. If you’re struggling to justify spending upwards of £200 on a duvet, you’ll also be pleased to learn the scooms comes with a 60-night trial. If for any reason you don’t get on with it in that period, you’re entitled to return it for a full refund. However once you have spent a week cuddled up with it the brand knows they have got you as you will not be returning it and compromising your quality of sleep. The duvet has multiple small pockets that trap the down to ensure an even spread and it is no coincidence as to why the duvet is like a cloud, the 9 tog duvet pockets also have clever extra side walls which give the down more space creating extra fluffiness and increasing breathability. Every duvet is double stitched for robust durability, they really have quality checked everything with this product.

Taken directly from their website they offer free next day delivery via DPD for UK orders placed by 1:00pm, Mon – Fri. Delivered in a reusable material bag in a cardboard box, without plastic wrapping or paper inserts. RRP £145 (Single) up to RRP £295 (Super King).

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When it comes to sleep you have to indulge.
  • Gorgeously Comfortable
  • Washable
  • Ethically sourced