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SeQuro GuardPro2 Plus Monitor SeQuro GuardPro2 Plus Monitor
SeQuro GuardPro2 Plus Monitor 4

Security cameras can be a great way to help protect your property, however many systems rely on using an app on your smart device to view the system, this can become difficult when there are multiple users of the system and relying on the battery life and connectivity of your phone or tablet. The SeQuro GuardPro2 Plus Monitor comes with either a 7inch or 10.1inch monitor, we received the 10.1 inch to take a closer look at. This security kits comes with one FHD 1080P camera and the 10.1inch touchscreen with rechargeable battery as well as access to the SeQuro app for 24/7 monitoring from anywhere. The GuardPro2 is surprisingly easy to set up, with a plug-and-play design, it is an NVR, DVR and CCTV all in one, additional cameras can be added at a later day with up to four cameras being compatible to the one monitor. The camera has an IP66 weatherproof rating that offers continuous surveillance with 20 IR LED lights for Night Vision recording up to 32 ft and an ICR Filter that automatically switches between real Day and Night Vision. The camera will require mains connection but will wireless connect to the monitor via WiFi giving you greater freedom when it comes to placing the monitor.

The built in Motion Detection Activation uses PIR censoring and image processing, the adjustable sensitivity can be used to pick up human movement but not every single car that passes by. You can set up notifications straight to your smartphone to alert you to unidentified movements. The LCD monitor displays in full colour with touch screen activation and audio streaming, the Real Time Quad view can be used to monitor four sperate cameras simultaneously. The built-in rechargeable battery means you can unplug the monitor and take it in a different room if needed, it will connect to the camera via RF transmission up to 1,000 feet in line of sight and up to 300 feet when going through brick walls. You can set the monitor to live viewing, motion detection, scheduled/manual recording or instant playback of videos. The image quality is good, it lacks a little detail here and there especially in night vision, but it is still reasonable enough to make out faces clearly. This standalone set up is a good choice for those looking for a user-friendly security system that allows multiple users to monitor an area without the use of an app or having access to the settings, in work situations for example. RRP $199.99

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This system is great for the workspace by allowing multiple users to observe an area with the included monitor.
  • 10.1-inch touch screen monitor included
  • Standalone system
  • Fast set up
  • Up to 4 cameras per monitor
  • App for 24/7 monitoring
  • Adjustable motion detection sensitivity
  • No mount or stand for the monitor
  • Limited features
  • Night vision could be clearer