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Stadler Form Jasmine Stadler Form Jasmine
Stadler Form Jasmine 3.5

We enjoy a lot of experimental home cooking, unfortunately this can result in the house smelling of a combination of curry and salmon for days afterwards, add in two cats and regular indoor workouts and the house can easily end up smelling like a men’s locker room.

Luckily there are loads of options to return fragrant bliss to the home, diffusers being one of the safer and more economical choices, the Jasmine from Stadler Form with its 24hour output being one of them. This rather tactile diffuser has a soft touch coating and weights just 400g when empty, it does require plugging into the mains for power which could reduce the location possibilities however the 1.5m lead is long enough to give you options.

The simple bowl shape has the clean lines you would expect from Swiss design and provides a reasonably discreet appearance, however with only Black, White, Red Chilli and Titanium colours to choose from these may stand out a little in your home décor. The Jasmine uses ultrasonic technology to transform the water blended with essential oil into an extra fine mist, only a few drops of oil are needed for each use. The interval mode can be selected to release the mist at every 20-minutes throughout the day, we received the Jasmine in black and noticed some water marks were left after a few days use, this might not be as obvious in other colours.

The 100ml water tank will fragrance a 50m² room for up to 24 hours with one filling (on interval mode) and the Jasmine will automatically switch off when the tank is empty, when running (even on constant) this diffuser is very quiet and the little puffs of mist are quite relaxing to watch. There are three oils available directly from Stadler Form, Revive, Refresh and Relax ($16.90) all originating from ecologically sustainable production, NOT tested on animals and contains NO synthetic substances, pesticides or parabens, of course you can use your own oils too.

As much as we liked the minimalist look improvements could be made to style it up a little, the plastic used doesn’t feel like the highest quality and the colours could be more contemporary. When it comes to performance however the Jasmine came into its own, the fragrance fills the room without being overpowering and works away diligently without drawing attention to itself, helping to restore fragrant harmony within the home. RRP £59.90

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This quiet diffuser works hard throughout the day to maintain aromatic harmony within your home.
  • 24hour from one tank
  • Automatic switch off
  • 20-minute interval setting
  • Quite
  • Subtle design
  • Mains powered only
  • Limited colours
  • Watermarks left on Black edition