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Tapo C320WS Tapo C320WS
Tapo C320WS 4.5

There are loads of security cameras on the market, so the very first thing I asked myself when reviewing this one from Tapo was “What’s so special about this?”. Well, for starters, it can record in full colour at night using its ‘Starlight Night Vision’. This means it is able to pick up a decent picture even if there is only starlight to see by. With a 2K QHD resolution and a 2560×1440 definition, it’s actually not a bad picture to be honest. But what about all the other bells and whistles?

It has the, by-now, standard motion detection that one would expect and, of course, notifications sent directly to you via an App. So, when the camera detects movement, you get told straight away. Handy for those deliveries when you’re not able to be at home or answer the door. A 2-way audio system allows you to have a conversation with anyone near the camera and this same audio system can also produce a siren noise, along with lights to scare potential intruders away. And, as you may expect for an outdoor security camera, it’s weatherproof, nothing surprising there.

My only criticism of this device is the fact that, out of the box and without any additional purchases, the only method for storing video is via an SD card inserted in to the device itself. If you’re relying on this camera for security, this is a little risky in my opinion – all it takes is for a canny thief to recognise it and remove the SD card. One useful feature it has to help mitigate this a little is a cover detection system for if anyone covers up the lens to hide their presence. You can purchase Cloud storage if you wish and this certainly solves the problem of the SD card. A decent picture and a few interesting features makes this an affordable camera in an increasingly busy market. RRP £59.99

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An affordable camera in an increasingly busy market.
  • High quality picture
  • Sound and light alarm system
  • Motion Detection
  • 2-way audio system
  • SD card memory storage is potentially vulnerable to a determined intruder