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Technaxx Full HD Birdcam TX-165 Technaxx Full HD Birdcam TX-165
Technaxx Full HD Birdcam TX-165 4

My husband likes to joke we spend more money on feeding the local wildlife than we do on ourselves, now this is a bit of an exaggeration, but I love seeing all the animals visit the garden especially the little birds.
The TX-165 from Technaxx is a full HD Birdcam, a wonderful way to record and observe the feathered friends via a short focus 6-15cm lens and a large viewing angle of 100°. Now if you have ever tried to take a photo of a Blue Tit or House Sparrow you will know how these little things do not stay still, resulting in plenty of blurry photos and bare branches, this camera can shoot slow motions videos with up to 25FPS, allowing you to get a clear view with plenty of detail. The TX-165 can be set to take video, photo, video and photo or slow motion, it has a built-in microphone and speaker, the microphone I can understand but I’m not sure what you would use the speaker for, perhaps imitating bird calls?

The camera comes with a few mounting options, a mounting belt, wall mount and railing mount, this allows you to test out a few different locations to see which is the most popular. The camera is set into the feeder with the whole thing measuring up at 19L x 15.2W x 22.8H cm, there is a removable food container that will hold up to 150g of bird food, there is also a hook that a suet ball can be hung from and a small removeable water basin at the front. There is a PIR sensor (~20cm) and IR range (~50cm) with 940nm LEDs for night recordings, scratchproof and shockproof auto IR filter and the whole unit has a IP56 rating, there is also a 2.0” TFT LCD display (528×220) and the 4x AA batteries required for power are included.

It can also be powered but external DC6V/1A power lead, but this is not included, there isn’t an SD included either (compatible with up to 512GB MicroSD). The main body of the Birdcam could be a little more robust but the images it provides are clear, even at night, the video functions can eat through the battery quite quickly so investing in some high quality rechargeable are a good idea. The range of this camera are obviously limited so you’re not going to catch every visitor to your garden but the up close and person detail it does capture is rather sweet, animal lovers will get a real kick out of this. RRP €149

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A fun way to get an up close and personal view of your feathered friends.
  • Photos, videos and slow motion videos
  • 3 mounting options
  • Night shooting
  • 150g feeder
  • Water bowl and suet ball hook
  • 1920x1080 video and 20mp photos
  • 4x IR LEDs
  • Casing could be more robust
  • Video drains batteries
  • Removing the water dish leaves a whole in the tray