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Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell
Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell 4
With most peoples’ shopping habits shifting to online purchases we’re seeing more and more door-to-door deliveries. Of course, it would be extremely impractical in this day and age to take time off work to constantly be home for all these deliveries and so the video doorbell was invented! At least, that’s the narrative I’m going with here… I imagine someone will pipe up something about ‘security’ or ‘peace of mind’ and such sensibleness but hey, it’s close to Christmas so I’m going with our embracing of capitalism in our society as a whole!

The camera on this video doorbell has a 180° angle, all the way down to the floor so you can easily see anyone that approaches and knocks on the door. The PIR motion detection means you’ll get an automatic notification sent to your phone via the app as soon as anyone triggers it or presses the doorbell, giving you the opportunity to speak to them directly via video there and then. But if it’s not convenient for you to answer, or you just don’t want to speak to people, you can use one of up to 6 pre-set voice messages and even record your own if you invest in Toucan’s Shield Plan monthly subscription. The camera also has night vision and the trigger distance is about 30 foot and you can adjust the sensitivity for the trigger depending on if you live in a busy neighbourhood or not.

The camera comes with a battery that lasts from anything between 1 and 3 months, depending on usage and it only takes 4 hours to charge fully making it pretty efficient. With no subscription your video is stored for 24 hours and you have the option to download 5 videos per month. Storage time and downloads increases if you pay for the monthly subscription which can either be £2.99 or £9.99 a month depending on which plan you go for. RRP £99.95

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