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Tp-link Tapo C100 Home Security Wi-Fi Camera Tp-link Tapo C100 Home Security Wi-Fi Camera
Tp-link Tapo C100 Home Security Wi-Fi Camera 4.5

Gone are the days when you have to spend a fortune to keep an eye on things when you are away from home, the Tp-link Tapo C100 Home Security Wi-Fi Camera is an entry level camera available at just under £20.

For this price you may expect minimal features and substandard image quality but thankfully it isn’t the case with the C100. The installation of security cameras can often put people off, imagining cables and difficult pairing situations will be beyond their technical capabilities. However, the C100 is very straightforward, simply download the app, set up an account and connect the camera to your WIFI, you will be walked through the whole process by the app and notified when it has been connected correctly.

Once connected you can choose where you want to place the camera, the C100 requires mains power so this may limit your locations, it can then be mounted or left free standing for mixing up locations. This camera doesn’t require a subscription or rely on a cloud, instead all the data is recorded onto a local SD card up to 128 GB (unfortunately not included), this means if you use the camera to keep an eye on baby you know that the data is safely stored. The image is detailed thanks to the 1080p definition, the night vision delivers clear visuals up to a distance of 30ft, the sound and light alarm can be used to scare away intruders (or perhaps the cat when you catch him on the counter).

The motion detection feature lets you set up notifications that will alert you via your phone whenever the camera detects motion, you can then view a video clip of what caused the detection. The motion detection can be adjusted via the app to create personal zones, avoid the cat flap but keep an eye on who comes through the front door. The two-way audio allows for communication through the built-in microphone and speaker, the privacy mode shuts down surveillance to protect your privacy whenever you want.

Images and videos can be shared with others, whether it’s showing the police images of intruders or your mum cute things your new born did. We were really impressed with the Tapo C100, for such a low cost it provides so much without compromising on quality or over complicating the set up and use, if you find yourself loving this camera you can then add more to the collection, up to 32 to be precise which can all be controlled from same app. RRP £19.99

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This entry level security camera is both budget and user friendly.
  • Excellent value for money
  • 1080p detailed images
  • Local storage and privacy mode
  • Straight forward set up
  • Night vision, motion detections and two-way audio
  • Sound and light alarm
  • No SD included
  • Mains powered only