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Umbra Otto Soap Dispenser Umbra Otto Soap Dispenser
Umbra Otto Soap Dispenser 3.5

Sometimes you come across a gadget that is simple and yet makes such sense you wonder how you even managed before, now this might sound like a big statement for an automatic soap dispenser but we use them in most public toilets when we are out these days, it makes sense to use them in our homes too.

The Otto from Umbra is the latest addition to my collection of automatic soap dispensers, why so many? Well, when you have one in the house you become more aware of how much more convenient it is over regular soap dispensers. Whether you are in the bathroom or kitchen, the one-handed activation makes it much more accessible and the touch free function avoids spreading the germs and dirt onto the soap dispenser.

The Otto is slightly larger than some of our other units, it has a 266 ml capacity and measures 8.75 x 4.25 x 3.75 inches, making it a rather tall device. It looks rather elegant with its tapered neck and rounded edges, hands can easily fit under the sensor at a comfortable distance to avoid touching any part of the dispenser, it comes in three different finishes, Nickel / Black, White / Chrome and Black / Chrome.

The Otto can be filled with dish soap, liquid hand soap, or hand sanitizer, the Otto dispenses a fixed amount which is not adjustable, it is slightly more than I would choose so it has taken up residence in the kitchen where the messiest hand washes seem to take place. The window on the front lets you see just how much soap is left in the Otto and it operates on four AAA batteries (not included), we would recommend investing in some high quality rechargeable batteries to save on money and waste.

The battery compartment is slightly awkward, it requires one of those tiny screw drivers you get in crackers (not included) this might be worth bearing in mind if it’s placed in a high traffic area of the house.
All in all, the Otto is good value for money, it’s a shame the amount dispensed cannot be adjusted but the sensor is responsive and the design rather stylish, we believe once you have one, more will quickly follow. RRP £40

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Reduce the spread of germs and dirt with the contact free soap dispenser.
  • Sleek modern design
  • 266ml capacity
  • Responsive sensor
  • Convenient one-handed activation
  • Contact free reduces the spread of germs and dirt
  • Awkward battery compartment
  • Amount is non-adjustable