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The first impression of the Nomad is that it wouldn’t look out of place in the Tate Modern, it isn’t obvious what this quirky little machine is for, but it is in fact a manual coffee machine, all you need is coffee and hot water for a portable caffeine fix.

Unlike other manual coffee makers the Nomad is rather sizable at 17 x 17 x 15cm and weighs 1.18 Kg, it has a convenient carry handle but it is probably best suited for camping, holidays or setting up in the office rather than picnics, hiking or any other occasions when you might want to travel lighter.

The Nomad comes in Paris Red, Silk White, Luminescent Green and Cobalt Blue, with a combination of metal and plastic components, ensuring durability on the most important areas and saving weight where it can. It uses a seesaw motion where the small lever operates two tiny piston water pumps, the pressure builds up over a few movements, the gage on the top of the machine will indicate the pressure, once it gets between 8 and 10 bars it is ready to go.

Portable espresso makers are all well and good but if the coffee isn’t up to scratch it’s better to have no coffee at all, thankfully, after a few practises we were able to produce a great espresso complete with a rich crema, better than some mechanical machines we have seen. This is thanks to the removable True Crema Valve which compensates for grinds and tamping variations to assure a perfect emulsification of beneficial oils (their words not ours), for experienced coffee makers the valve can be left to one side but this will mean grinding and tamping techniques will be more critical.

The instructions are easy to follow, the only issue we found was that the spout is set quite low which means the espresso needs to be collected in an espresso cup and transferred into a taller mug if you want to make an Americano. The more we used the Nomad the more we were impressed, if you love your coffee but don’t want to spend ages fussing with a machine this could be a great little addition to your home, the fact that it is also portable is a welcome bonus. RRP £245

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This bold, manual espresso machine consistently produces a well balanced coffee with a rich crema.
  • So easy to use
  • Portable
  • Micro Lever Architecture
  • True Crema Valve
  • Distinctive and charming look
  • Pulls consistent shots
  • Fast acting
  • Spout is set low on the machine
  • Not compact enough for hiking trips