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Weber Lumin Electric Barbecue Weber Lumin Electric Barbecue
Weber Lumin Electric Barbecue 4
Who doesn’t like a good barbecue now and then? Sun’s out, friends are invited over, beers are in the fridge and you’re good to go! Oh, wait a mo, someone forgot the coal! And firelighters. And they don’t deliver free newspapers anymore. Not to mention no matches and the 1 dodgy lighter you do have is just as likely going to burn you as it is set light to the tinder (which you don’t have because no-one buys newspapers any more, never mind the free ones…). Looks like an oven-cooked sesh again, what a let-down! If only there were such a thing as an electric barbecue…

Of course there is! Hardly a surprise there, these things aren’t exactly new but they definitely are no longer the poor relation to a ‘real’ barbecue. This one comes with settings that allow you to smoke, seer, steam or even boil your food and reaches temperatures comparable to a traditional barbecue, giving you a good range of cooking options. I especially like the ability to smoke your food as you basically get to add whatever kind of smoky flavour you like or have to hand with wood chips, giving you all sorts of flavour options allowing your inner chef to get creative. The other cooking modes are catered for with various components that you can switch out such as a seering grill and the temperature is handled with an easy to use intuitive knob on the side. This flexibility also allows you to set the temperature low to keep food warm and even gives you an environment to thaw frozen food if you’ve forgotten to get it out of the freezer!

It’s compact and comes with a foldable, detachable stand so you can easily store it away and, of course, you’ve got no messy (potentially dangerous) ashes to worry about too. Just take it all apart and give it a good clean as you would any other cooking utensils. The power is provided by a battery pack that connects to the side and plugs in to your normal wall socket with a cable 1.8 metres long. Easy. RRP £679

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