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Now that the heatwave has passed, we can get back to ‘normal’ Summer weather and break out the barbecue! With a preponderance of gas barbecues on the market (cleaner, easier but, it’s not really proper barbecuing is it?), it’s refreshing to see one that focusses on charcoal cooking and is built with this firmly in mind. It boasts a ‘new ‘smoke’ setting on the bowl vents’ meaning you can really get that lovely smoky taste in to anything you prepare and a Char-Basket so you can get that flame-grilled ‘whatever’ cooked perfectly.

It comes with a host of other features that make cooking barbecued food easier. A thermometer built in to the lid allows you to monitor the temperature, there are the standard hooks for your utensils and a little feature that I really like is the ability to top up the fuel using the hinged side grates so you don’t need to mess about with removing the grill and risking burning yourself (or even worse – dropping the food!).

The kettle design allows for a good distribution of heat so you get a fairly good coverage on the grill, meaning less juggling about with food that hasn’t cooked as well as other food and the grate fits snugly so no chance of actual charcoal with your lunch (although I know a few people that will bemoan this.)! It’s pretty versatile too with added extra’s you can purchase including a pizza stone and a wok. Although, if I’m being totally honest I would have preferred to see these included given the price of the barbecue itself.

Finally, the bottom of the kettle has a ‘one-touch’ cleaning system allowing you to get the ash to basket without getting your hands dirty. Pricey, but it does have (most) of all the bells and whistles. RRP £359

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Charcoal barbecuing at its finest.
  • Well-designed
  • Versatile
  • Space for an iGrill
  • Vents for smoking.
  • Expensive
  • Have to purchase extra’s to really get the best out of it.