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West Kent 15 Pod Indoor Smart Garden Hydroponic Growing System West Kent 15 Pod Indoor Smart Garden Hydroponic Growing System
West Kent 15 Pod Indoor Smart Garden Hydroponic Growing System 4

Many of us fell victim to some lockdown cliches in 2020, be it baking banana bread, online pub quizzes or jumping about with Joe Wicks, some people however used this time to invent and create, like Alastair Jessel who wanted to produce a reliable and affordable indoor hydroponic kit. Another common consequence of the lockdown was that a lot of people found a new appreciation for nature, however growing plants at home isn’t always so simple.

The West Kent 15 Pod Indoor self-growing kit comes with everything you need to allow you to have your own little greenhouse inside all year round. The West Kent system comes in a white or black finish, it has a stylish, premium look with a full spectrum 35W LED light system that hovers above the plants, these lights simulate the sun’s rays encouraging faster growth and letting you set up your plants even in the darkest corners of your home. It measures up at 43 x 24.5 x 31.5cm and, when lights are fully extended, 95cm, it comes with fifteen sponges, baskets, and domes, A & B nutrients and eight cover plates rods and plant labels. The system has a 5.5L water tank that allows the West Kent to water the plants for you, the water level post lets you know when it’s time to refill the tank. The 15 Pod System, as you might imagine, has space for fifteen different pods, and there are four different seed packet sets to choose from including vegetables, tomatoes, fruit or herbs. The automatic timer gives your plants the downtime they need, and a pump supplies the nutrient-rich water to encourage rapid plant growth, the adjustable light ensures the plants have enough room to grow taller and is in fact the world’s tallest light of a system of this kind.

The A and B nutrient solution helps the plants get all the goodness they need but you will need to remember to add this every time you refill the tank. It is suggested that 2ml of each nutrient is added to 1 litre of water, so a 1 litre bottle will last about 8-10 months. There is a customisable app with settings that allow you to adjust your plants environment from downtime by hour or day and flexibility of the pump along with temperature controls. These settings are also adjustable via the control panel and the display panel lets you know your set up, this hands-on precise control might intimidate those who are new to house plants where so often doing less is more effective. The West Kent 15 Pod is probably best for someone who has a little bit of experience with house plants already, but beginners won’t be completely out of their depth if they follow the instructions and do a little research. RRP £140

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Grow fruit, veg and flowers inside your home all year round.
  • 35W full spectrum LED lights
  • Self-watering 5.5l tank
  • 15 seed pod sections
  • Premium look
  • System controls
  • Companion app
  • System controls could put off beginners