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Woolroom King Organic pillow Woolroom King Organic pillow
Woolroom King Organic pillow 4

A good nights sleep is essential for everyone to stay happy and healthy and the kind of pillow you have can be crucial in achieving this. The advantage of a wool pillow like this one is the fact that they are naturally hypo-allergenic (unless you’re allergic to wool of course, which is incredibly unlikely if you’re worried!), very soft and comfortable for your head.

That’s pretty standard for a wool pillow to be honest so, what makes this King size pillow from Woolroom stand out from any other wool pillow? Well, all the wool used to make this pillow is certified as organic for one thing. So, the sheep used by Woolroom have been fed on organic food and left to roam freely for at least 2 years and they ensure that every bit of wool they use is fully traceable back to the farm where it came from so you can sleep safe in the knowledge that the impact on the environment (and the sheep themselves of course!) is minimal. The cover, despite being mainly cotton also has wool in it for added comfort.

The really useful thing about this pillow however, is the way it has been sealed that allows you to take out and add in wool balls so that you can adjust it to suit your sleeping style. If you need firmness, add more, if you prefer a more malleable pillow, take some out. It also comes with a cotton storage bag, perfect for keeping any un-used wool. This also helps to address one of the most common complaints with wool pillows in that they flatten over time. Simple, just add some fresh wool when this happens. Some may think it’s too expensive but it’s natural, sustainable and hypo-allergenic and honestly, any price is fair game to increase your chance of a good night’s sleep in my book! RRP £154.99

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A great way to ensure your sleeping habits have minimal impact on the environment that is allergen-free and for getting a comfy nights sleep.
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Adjustable filling amount
  • Machine washable
  • 30 Night sleep trial
  • Needs constant re-stuffing over time