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I remember having a water filter when I was growing up. Not had one myself since (absolutely no idea why – it’s a very good idea, especially given the ridiculously high levels of calcium in the area I live in! I reckon I’ve ingested enough limescale in my time to contribute towards coastal cliff erosion…) but one of the problems we always had was waiting for it to filter! There were 4 of us kids and on a hot day, you just couldn’t be bothered to wait, let alone pouring while the water was still in the pre-filter section, recipe for disaster!

This filter jug from Zerowater gets around this problem by providing a sealed lid that keeps the water in the reservoir. The total capacity is just under 3 litres with just under half a litre waiting to be filtered once there is space in the jug. You can freely pour to your hearts content and not worry about spilling any of it, my mother would have been over the moon! This is great, but what about the filtering process, how good is it?

The filter houses a 5-tier system that focuses on removing dissolved solids such as minerals, salts, metals (including lead) and other undesirable elements in your tap water. It doesn’t clear calcium or Magnesium (guess I’ll just have to keep contributing to cliff erosion…) but then, these aren’t unhealthy for you, quite the opposite in fact! The end result is a water that meets all the requirements that bottled water needs to hit to be sold. So now you have absolutely no reason to add more one-use plastic to the environment! Each filter is good enough for about 95-150 litres-worth of average tap water in the UK and they cost about £20 to replace. One final thing to mention is the fact that you get a free water quality meter so you can actually tell when the filter is starting to reach the end of its usefulness. Perfect. RRP £44.99

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An easy, convenient way to get water of a standard you’d expect in bottled water in your home and much better for the environment (the filters are recyclable)!
  • Good capacity
  • High quality drinking water
  • Sealed lid for the pre-filtered water
  • Free water quality meter
  • The filters cost more than many of their competitors