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Cardo Systems PACKTALK BOLD Duo Cardo Systems PACKTALK BOLD Duo
Cardo Systems PACKTALK BOLD Duo 5

The PACKTALK BOLD is the next generation motorcycle communication system from Cardo, making keeping in touch on the road a simple and enjoyable experience featuring Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC). DMC solves the typical problems experienced by Bluetooth connections making it a seriously capable piece of equipment that only needs to be set up once and then it’s ready to go for every ride.

The PACKTALK BOLD is waterproof making it suitable for wet, dusty, snowy and even muddy trips and comes with everything you need to get you started, 40mm JBL speakers, the PACKTALK Audio Kit, Glue plate, Corded Microphone, Hybrid Microphone, Rectangular Velcro Pads, Square Velcro Pads, Speaker Relocators (boosters) and USB cable. The all-new, always-on, natural voice operation feature means you don’t have to remove your hands from the handlebars to activate the intercom, simply say “hey Cardo” and the PACKTALK BOLD will do the rest. The Audio is brought to you by JBL, the 40mm wide, high-definition speakers use a specially tuned audio processor, this not only provides clear conversations but genuinely enjoyable music, with full bass, layered mid tones and detailed high tones. The PACKTALK BOLD can connect up to 15 riders and features universal connectivity meaning your fellow riders don’t need a Cardo to be able to chat to you, any Bluetooth headset of any substantial brand will work. It’s not just the ability to connect so many riders at one time which makes DMC so useful, it’s the set-and-forget connectivity. If a member of the group rides out of range and re-joins, or you swap positions while riding, the system automatically reconnects without the need to press any buttons or reset. Music can be streamed directly from your smartphone, control and even share your favourite tunes on the go, take calls on the move, make calls and control your mobile with a touch of a finger or the sound of your voice.

The Bold has up to 1600 meters (1Mi) range in perfect conditions, but generally manages 1000 meters in real life conditions, this is nearly double that of any other intercoms. Other features include the built in FM radio, the automatic volume adjusts the sound volume based on the outside ambient noise and the Smart Audio mixing makes sure all the audio sources, FM radio, music, mobile calls and intercom work together in parallel. If you need a break from the group chat you can choose one person to have a private chat with, you can also merge any incoming phone calls into the intercom which makes sure no one is ever out of range of the group. The battery provides 13 hours of talk time and it can be charged on the go via the 12V charger to ensure you never run out of power. The free Cardo Connect app has an intuitive interface with large clear buttons that are highly responsive, this makes using it a breeze. The PACKTALK BOLD is an excellent intercom, everything about its design and functionality makes keeping in touch a simple and enjoyable process letting you focus on the ride and enjoying time with your friends.

Cardo Systems has just launched a special-edition version addition to the PACKTALK line-up – the PACKTALK BLACK. The new unit comes with 45mm JBL speakers as standard, a three-year warranty and a blacked-out sleek shell design .
RRP: £599.95 for a duo and £314.99 for a single.

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Click here for more info

A high performing intercom that keeps you connect to the group whilst enjoying the open road.
  • Connect up to 15 riders
  • Clear enjoyable sound
  • Universal connectivity
  • Share calls, music and radio with the group
  • Voice operation
  • Up to 1600 meters (1Mi) range
  • Automatic volume
  • Intuitive app
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Healthy battery life