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Tyre pressure is one of those essential checks that should be done on a vehicle regularly, not only does it help to prevent wear on the tyre it also prevents excessive heat levels that can weaken the tyre to the point of failure.

The FOBO Bike 2 is a smart tyre pressure monitoring system designed for two-wheeler motorbikes and uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to a smart device (Android 5.0 and iOS 9.3 or later) for remote monitoring. There are two colours available Black or Silver to blend in with the style of the bike, these compact monitors are as small as the diameter of a penny and weigh only 7.6g with the CR1632 (replaceable) battery included.

A tyre can be under-inflated by as much as 20 per cent and still look safe to ride, these monitors will alert the rider the moment you get within Bluetooth range if the pressure has dropped below the thresholds you set, this can be viewed on a smartphone or smartwatch in real time. Choose from audible, visual or vibrating alerts that are also compatible with Bluetooth headsets, the tyre pressure is measured with fine resolution and analyses the readings with its proprietary algorithm, smart enough to pick up on a slow leak.

The app can connect to 19 different monitors, for 9 motorbikes and…a unicycle? maybe it’s just a spare. The Group Ride Monitoring system lets riders form a group ride with a planned destination, date and time. During the group ride, riders can know the tyre pressure status and the relative locations of one another in the Map View, if one of your team is missing and there is a tyre pressure alert insignia by his bike profile, you know that he may be stranded and it’s time to send out a rescue team.

FOBO Share, allows your friends to use your motorcycle and the installed FOBO Bike 2 with their very own smartphones; this can be done for up to 100 other friends, you can also check in on the tyre pressure with remote monitoring. The patented CrossPair technology makes it easy to swap the connection from one phone to another (when you buy a new phone for example) all profiles will be transferred to the new device, without the need to individually pair and install again.

To deter thieves the proprietary nuts and wrench means someone else will struggle to remove them and if they are stolen, they cannot be installed again, which removes any monetary incentive to pinch them. These clever little devices can mean the difference between a great ride at the weekend and ending up stranded in the countryside somewhere (this is the best-case scenario if the tyre fails), so easy to install and use, with handy added extras like linking up with friends, this is one purchase that won’t be regretted. RRP $99

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An effortless way to safely monitor your motorbikes tyre pressure.
  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Multiple alert modes
  • Share data with friends
  • 2 level anti-theft feature
  • Slow and fast leak detection
  • Group riding mode
  • Multi vehicle monitoring