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Fobo Tire 2 Fobo Tire 2

Fobo Tire 2

Motors October 1, 2020

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We are all taught the basic vehicle maintenance checks when learning to drive but how many of us remember to regularly check our tyre pressure, you might assume you would be able to tell if your tyre pressure was low by looking at them but this is not the case.

The Fobo Tire 2 is the latest tyre pressure sensor from Fobo featuring Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and the Intelligent In-Car monitoring unit. The Tire 2 is easy to set up, it comes with 4 sensors with anti-theft lock-nuts that replace the valve caps, they come in a choice of black or silver and measure up at just 13.8mm x 20.2mm, you can then download the app and connect them to your smartphone.

The monitoring unit can be used as a back up alert system or primary if you choose to bypass the App option, this is handy for people sharing cars (although there is a share option on the app) or don’t own a smart phone. The sensors monitor the pressure in real time whilst driving or whenever the Bluetooth is in range (typically 30m), it can detect both slow and fast leaks, you can even customise the thresholds for each individual tyre. Pressure can be measured up to 800 kPa (116 psi) and it gives you an alert in the absence of a smartphone, it measures the pressure via an algorithm and provides 6 different levels of alerts when the thresholds are broken.

The sensors are weatherproof with an IP57 rating, they are powered by a CR1632 which should last up to a year before they need changing, the sensors can be removed with the included wrench and attached to a new car if needed. Multiple vehicles can be attached to one app and multiple users can be authorised to see one set of sensors. The app is super clear, telling you all you need to know at a glance, you can also check in on the mileage covered. The Fobo Tire 2 is a no brainer, so simple to use and keeps your vehicle safer and more efficient. RRP $159

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An effortless way to monitor your tire pressure, keeping you safer on the road.
  • Easy to install and use
  • Clear app
  • Suitable for multiple vehicles and users
  • Anti-theft Lock-nuts
  • Get alerts via the app or the In-car monitor
  • Weatherproof