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Helite Air Vest Turtle 2 Helite Air Vest Turtle 2
Helite Air Vest Turtle 2 5

Helite, who are they? What do they do? Helite air bag products bring a whole new meaning to road safety for motorcyclists, they are the market leaders in airbag technologies and the quality of all their products are the best you can buy.

I’ve been a long term user of the Helite Air Vest since 2016 as a professional development test rider, the Helite Turtle was my first Helite Air Vest and in 2018 I had a horrific road traffic accident, that vest really did save my life.

The Turtle 2 air vest will fit over any motorcycle jacket with the three adjustable straps and buckle system, the interior 3D mesh allows for maximum air circulation, giving you an excellent level of comfort and fit.

The high-quality level 2 back protector that is placed over the airbags as standard doesn’t take long to mould to your shape for a precise and personalised fit.
It is a tethered system where you attach yourself to the bike via a lanyard ,the air canister is hidden away in its own pocket reducing the chances of scratching your bike especially if you ride a sports bike this was one of the biggest changes from the original turtle air vest. I found it became second nature to attach this just as natural putting on a seatbelt or doing your helmet up, on the rare occasion I would forget I’d realise very quickly that I had done so. The same applies for detaching, the pull on the jacket is enough to let you know you forgotten to unplug, it takes over 30 kilos of resistance to inflate the air vest so would be very hard to step off the bike and inflate the air vest yourself.
If you do accidently discharge your air vest for any reason it’s not a case of sending the product back, you can easily reset the air vest yourself with an Allen key and a new canister. I would highly recommend carrying a spare canister just in case you have to reset air vest.

When it comes to the size of the airbags the outer vest really does out perform any under jacket vest as size matters here, the Helite is approx. 50% bigger than its competitors and all the airbags come with a lifetime warranty.
The Turtle 2 comes in Black, Hi-Viz Yellow and Hi-Viz Orange with the combination of retro- reflective strips makes the rider as visible as possible on the road which adds to the quality of this product.

The starting price for the Turtle 2 is £525-£575, you definitely get a lot for your money when it comes to adding this product to your personal protection kit, as motorcyclists we are one of the most vulnerable road users, this is a product you hope never to use to it’s full potential until the day you really need it . RRP From £525.00

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A high performing air vest is, comfortable, straightforward to use and has the potential to save your life.
  • Invaluable protection
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Difficult to accidentally discharge
  • Becomes second nature to clip on and remove
  • Breathable
  • Airbag can be reset by yourself