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Nebo Ultimate Jump Starter Nebo Ultimate Jump Starter
Nebo Ultimate Jump Starter 5

There’s nothing worse than getting out and about somewhere in your car, having a relaxing day enjoying the countryside or at the seaside only to find out at the end of the day that your battery is flat because someone forgot to turn the lights off when you got there! Cue embarrassing requests for a jump-start in the vague hope someone has some jumper cables in their car because you certainly haven’t…

Well, now you can make sure you’re never in this situation again. Not only is the Nebo Ultimate Jump Starter capable of jump starting your car (clue’s in the name folks…) with a solid 1500 Amps-worth of jolt (a 1000 is enough for most family cars so 1500 should cover near enough any vehicle type), this 15000 mAh battery also comes with an option to re-pressurise your tyres! Yep, you read that right, no need to try and find a garage with an air pump while driving on dodgy tires, this thing does it for you. With up to 130 PSI, you’ll have more than enough, regardless of what you’re driving (alright, we’ll draw the line at massive construction vehicles…) and the digital display let’s you know when you’re done. The multiple nozzles provided ensure you can make use of this regardless of your tyre type.

As well as jump-starting your car and re-pressurising your tyres, it comes with a standard 3-pin plug socket (220-240 Volts AC) so you can charge pretty much anything from this device, especially when you consider it also has a USB-A and a USB-C portal too. To top it all off, it’s got a floodlight that has 3 settings – White Area Light and either Red Area Light or flashing red light for when you need to indicate a hazard. You’re not going to need much more else in your car if you have this kit and it only weighs in at just over a kilo. RRP £249.99

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A truly practical, multi-use jump starter kit. If they had one of these in every car ever built, breakdown firms would probably go out of business…
  • Multi-use, not just a jump-starter
  • Different nozzles for different tyre types
  • Standard AC plug socket built-in
  • Only takes 3-4 hrs to charge and you’ll get 10-15 jumpstarts out of it before this is needed.
  • None that I could see! Although I do love the irony of being able to charge this in-car… (not a Con, just had to fit this in somewhere!)