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Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cameras Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cameras
Nextbase Series 2 Dash Cameras 4.5

When it comes to dash cams Nextbase is a reliable brand, with a wide range of cameras at a variety of prices they have something suitable for everyone.

Nextbase 222

Starting with one of their lower cost products this camera has 1080p HD resolution at 30 fps, a 2.5” HD IPS screen, 140° viewing angle, free cloud video storage at and constructed with an improved 6-layer glass lens. It’s straight forward to set the Click&Go PRO mount with integrated magnetic power connectors offers a low-profile connection with the power cable installed directly into the mount, allowing the Dash Cam to be wireless.

You get all the basic features with the 222 including the Intelligent Parking Mode which automatically records any bumps or physical movement on the vehicle when left unattended. The image quality is clear and reliable whilst the basic functions make it a great choice for technophobes or those just looking for a simpler set up. RRP £69.00

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Nextbase 322GW

The 322GW is the world’s first Dash Cam with Emergency SOS, this clever system will alert the emergency services to your location in the event of an accident and send on crucial medical data to aid efficient treatment.

Featuring the same resolution, touch screen, 140° viewing angle but with lots of additional functions including a 10Hz GPS Module, AutoSync, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi via MyNextbase Connect (Android 6+ / iOS 13+) and PC/Mac software – MyNextbase Player (Windows 10).
The 322GW is compatible with Nextbase Rear Modules for front, rear and even cabin view, the AutoSync feature makes it easy to share your videos from your Dash Cam to your smartphone and the polarising filter reduces glare for sharper images on brighter days. The 10x GPS uses two satellite systems combining to give the most accurate and reliable GPS fix with data taken from both the American GPS satellite and the Russian (GLONAS) system to provide data that is unparalleled. With a high refresh rate this GPS system also captures very accurate speed and acceleration data, which is shown in MyNextbase Player and can be critical in the event of an incident. RRP £99.00

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Nextbase 422GW

The 422GW has some ground-breaking new technology and is proudly the world’s first 1440p Dash Cam with Alexa built-in, need to make a call on the move or check the directions, just ask without taking your eyes off the road or hands off the wheel.

You can also use Alexa to play music, help you find a parking spot, get the heating on ready for your return home or talk directly to the dash cam, “Alexa, save that recording” for example. It has all the other features included on the other two models but this time records in 1440p HD resolution at 30fps, the 422GW features and the required connectivity means it is best suited for someone who is reasonable tech savvy. RRP £129.00

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Nextbase U1 microSD Card and U3 microSD Card

The U1 microSD Card has a 16GB capacity and ensures that the video data is written onto the card at a high speed, allowing for the best quality moving images, there is an included microSD to SD adapter for easy transfer onto PC or laptop without having to remove the Dash Cam from the car. The 16GB SD card will record approximately two hours of footage before the Dash Cam overwrites the oldest recordings. If the camera records in full HD, 1440p or 4K quality then the U3 Ultra High Speed card is what you need with up to 100MB/s read speed and up to 70MB/s write speed. Available in 32GB (approx. 4 hours before it overwrite or 2 hours in the rear camera module), 64GB (approx. 8 hours before it overwrite or 4 hours in the rear camera module) and 128GB (approx. 16hours before it overwrite or 8 hours in the rear camera module).

U1 microSD Card RRP £10.00
U3 microSD Card RRP 32GB £16.00, 64GB £28.00 or 128GB £65.00.

All three models provide reliable images, the Click&GO PRO mount keeps the camera tucked up out of the way, the Emergency SOS could become an invaluable feature whilst the Intelligent Parking protects your vehicle when you are not around. Built in Alexa is a handy edition however you will have the same battles with her in your car as you will at home, she isn’t always paying full attention to what you say, maybe she has Netflix on in the background or something. Which camera you go for comes down to two factors, how much money you are willing to spend and how many features you will genuinely use, but which ever you go for you will be getting value for money as well as the added security whilst out on the road.
  • Variety of prices and features
  • Good quality video
  • Value for money
  • Solid build
  • Emergency SOS, Intelligent Parking and Click&Go PRO Mount
  • Alexa is just as temperamental in the car as she is at home