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Sena 5S Sena 5S
Sena 5S 4.5

The Sena was inspired by the popular SMH5, adding some brand-new features whilst bringing along all the classic ones that made the SMH5 so good.

This motorcycle intercom allows you and your road mate to stay in touch with this highly accessible unit providing high definition in helmet speakers and two-way intercom with an LCD screen. The 5S uses Bluetooth 5 for a stable connection, the Sena Utility app can be used to set up the headset to suit your needs. This new design is comfortable to use with a bevelled taper and slips in the speaker pockets in the helmet (76mm x 48mm x 30mm), the 5S has a volume boost with increased bass and clearer mid and high tones, making music more enjoyable than before. There is no complicated set up, the screen helps to walk you through the process and once connected the device can be controlled hands free using the voice command (eight languages supported).

The intercom can also be used via the glove friendly buttons and Jog Dial that adjusts the volume and answers calls hassle free. On the Utility App there are four EQ pre-sets to choose from, Bass Boost, Balance, Mid Boost, or Treble Boost for a personalised sound. The intercom has a 700m connection on open terrain and can support two riders, it also has built-in FM radio, you can listen to your own tunes or podcasts via Spotify for example as well as listen out of GPS prompts. The Advanced Noise Control keeps the line nice and clear for chats, the battery takes just 1.5hours to receive a full charge which delivers up to 7hours. The Sena 5S is great value for money, multifunctional, intuitive and helps you keep connected over longer journeys and trips with friends. RRP $159

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A handy intercom packed with features to make those road trips even more enjoyable.
  • Comfortable
  • Voice activation with eight languages
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • FM radio
  • Up to 7hour battery life
  • 700m connection radius
  • Bluetooth 5.0