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Snooper DVR-PRO with Lockable SD Snooper DVR-PRO with Lockable SD
Snooper DVR-PRO with Lockable SD 4

The Snooper DVR-PRO HD Dash Camera comes with the vehicle drive recorder (model DVR-PRO), main wiring loom, emergency record button and loom, 2nd camera input lead, two keys and the locking screw and tool. What sets it apart from most dash cams is that the micro-SD card can be securely locked away, this is important as this tiny little card contains so much personal data including GPS locations. This could also be an important tool for businesses to avoid drivers tampering with important information, this camera can take up to 128GB with is not included. The camera is a little awkward to install and the instructions could be clearer especially if it’s the first time you’ve set up a system like this. Once connected the camera looks discreet, it features a wide-angle lens that can capture 165° of the road in front of your vehicle, it records in high-definition 1080p and provides a good clear image with plenty of detail for evidence if needed.

The DVR-PRO uses the built-in GPS to provide tracking data to the recording, whilst the separate emergency recording button allows the driver to lock certain moments from being recorded over included those incidents that happen but don’t directly involve the driver’s vehicle. The camera will automatically start recording when the ignition is switched on ensuring every journey is being recorded, after the journey the built-in WiFi allows for the data to be downloaded onto the app. This is where things become a little stickier, the app is temperamental and struggles to connect sometimes, this just means the reliability takes a bit of a knock. As it stands it is a good camera, with reliable footage, the parking mode and automatic accident detection make useful additional features. RRP £279.99

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Lock away the sensitive data that has been recorded on your travels.
  • Lockable SD card enclosure
  • High-definition 1080p
  • Automatic accident and event recording
  • 165° viewing angle
  • Built-in GPS
  • App connection temperamental
  • Installation a bit fiddly