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Vantrue N2S Vantrue N2S
Vantrue N2S 4.5

The N2S from Vantrue comes nicely packaged and in the box you receive the Dual Dash Cam itself, USB to USBC Connection cable, 12V to USBC Connection Cable, suction mount and instructions. One of the first things I noticed when setting up is how the 12V connection cable plugs into the suction mount rather than the camera. This is so handy because if you have multiple cars you can buy the suction mounts and cables for your other vehicles and then just transfer the camera between them. Another cool feature is on the 12V connection cable you can slide a flap to reveal a USB charging point which, in the age of charging points in cars are like gold dust, I thought was a nice touch.

The Screen is 2 inches which is a good size and you can rotate the bezel on the mount to adjust the field of vision which is 155 degrees on the outside camera and 165 degrees on the inside camera. If you were using single lens recording you can do this is in 4K, when using the dual lens option the max you can record in is 1440 x 1440.

The software setup is very simple to use and navigate and it has some neat features such as allowing you to stamp your reg plate on the video footage along with time and date. You can choose whether to have audio recording on or off and the sensitivity of the G Sensor where it will lock recordings depending on the impact scale. The recording loops can be 1, 3 or 5 minutes and once the SD card is full it will then rerecord over all footage which isn’t locked. Parking mode can be set up with the G Sensor for collisions and motion detection, as I live in the UK I left both on together but if you live in a hotter climate it is advised to turn the motion detection off as it can be activated through the heat vapour.

A really impressive piece of kit, everything it does it does well. RRP £189.99

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Dual 1440P Dash Cam packed with features.
  • Dual Screen
  • GPS Mount
  • 4K Single Lens
  • Collision and Motion Detection
  • Simple to use
  • Audio Recording