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Blue Lava Original Blue Lava Original
Blue Lava Original 4.5

Everything is getting a ‘smart’ upgrade these days and musical instruments are no exception, the Blue Lava Original guitar is a Smart guitar, so what does that mean?

Unfortunately, it won’t make you an instant rock star if you haven’t ever played before but it does come with built in effects powered by L2 Preamp with FreeBoost, making it the perfect travel companion. It has an ultra-lightweight body of just 3.7lb and the 36″ size makes it space efficient. It comes with a Micro USB (to A) cable, cleaning cloth, Hex Truss Rod Wrench, Ideal Pick Flow and the Airflow travel bag that ensures its ready to go the moment you are. It is made from a solid HPL material ensuring all-day weather resistance, getting caught in a light rain won’t slow you down. It has a unique recognisable look that hints at it’s smart features, it has an ergonomic neck shape, thin heel, and 2.3mm string height for comfortable play over long sessions, no stingy fingers no matter where on the neck you are playing.

The magnetic truss rod cover provides easy access, simple to remove and replace, the magnetic cover allows you to adjust the neck relief without any effort. The 4-MASS technology brings BLUE LAVA Original a parametric structure which has been engineered by simulating the vibration dynamics of the top, body, neck, and internal air, then resonating them together for a full, bright tone. The three knobs on the top of the guitar allow for intuitive tweaking of the sound, the L2 preamp allows you to shape sounds using the onboard chorus, delay, and reverb, without even plugging in. The FreeBoost technology uses the back of the guitar as a speaker, generating the sound from inside the guitar, giving your tunes a real boost while playing outdoors and at gatherings completely free from cables and external amps. The Blue Lava Original is the perfect travel buddy, compact, light and weatherproof it offers a lovely sound and comfortable play and that’s without considering that effective L2 preamp. RRP $479

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This lovely little guitar combines a quality instrument with useful smart technology, a surprisingly rare combination and a delight too, well executed.
  • Travel friendly
  • Onboard L2 preamp
  • Unique futuristic design
  • Cable free amplification
  • Adjust chorus, delay, and reverb
  • Weatherproof
  • Narrow heel and 2.3mm string height (ideal for beginners)