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Sonicsmith Squaver P1+ Sonicsmith Squaver P1+
Sonicsmith Squaver P1+ 5
The Squaver P1+ from sonicsmith is a Semi-modular, audio controlled analog synth pedal.

This single oscillator with a 3 voice monophonic audio controlled synth (ACS) is the closest you can get between the performer’s instrument/voice to an analogue synth sound. The + version expands what the former Squaver P1 started but gives it a variable gate, wider sweep PWM and a smoother ENV.

Expressing the instrumentalist’s performance to an analogue synthesizer according to its frequency, amplitude and articulation is a an art of its own. Inside the Squaver P1+ is the ACO100 oscillator chip with its audio input and synth output. A square and sawtooth waves mix knob is provided on the front panel as well as an OSC / SUBS mix and SYNTH / SRC mix knobs. The Squaver P1+ pulls the whole analogue audio – synth – CV performance together. Along with two envelope followers that can be assigned to either the VCA, PWM or the VCF and you still have all the important CV ins and outs on the front panel to create your own patches.

The input preamp is powerful and clean with +40dB gain to accommodate line level sources, electric instruments as well as dynamic mics. Their new patent awarded auto-adjusting filter can work in 2 pole or 4 pole if more help with frequency detection is needed. The expression pedal input can be assigned to either the VCF cutoff frequency, octave CV or harmony CV via the Expression destination 4 position switch as well as to any other destination via its dedicated “Exp CV” output. The ENV is generated from an ENV follower that can extract the dynamics from the main audio input and a second ENV follower extracts dynamics from the side-chain audio input. The user can then switch between the two main ENV via a footswitch.

Both the main input and side-chain input have their thru jacks for chaining an infinite amount of synths together for a multi voice synth chain. An ENV amount knob can determine how much you want to mimic the input dynamics from 1:1 to a completely flat response or completely reverse the ENV. ACO CV inputs for octave and semitones are accessible via front panel knobs and two CV inputs (one for harmony shift and one for octave shift) from external CV sources like analogue sequencers and LFO’s. Two foot-switches “ACO CV In on” and “Side-chain on” give you real-time control over activating the arpeggiation CV inputs and engaging the alternative ENV follower input instead of the main input’s ENV. RRP €550

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