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Black Eye Photo iPhone Case and Filming Grip Black Eye Photo iPhone Case and Filming Grip
Black Eye Photo iPhone Case and Filming Grip 4

For that perfect photo you need a sturdy camera, a little wobble when you press the shutter will turn that perfectly timed shot into a blurry mess, the Photo iPhone case and Filming Grip (sold separately) are two accessories from Black Eye to help you achieve that crystal clear image.

Starting with the phone case there is just one design to choose from that comes in sizes suitable for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, 7/7+, 8/8+, X, XR, XS and XS Max. The case looks sleek with a dark wood style panel and black finish, it has an aluminium mounting system for your lenses and ensures they perfectly line up in a few simple twists.

The case has been designed to protect your iPhone against bumps and scrapes thanks to the rubberised edges and thermoplastic frame, the textured grip and wrist strap make it almost impossible to drop even when taking photos at the most awkward of angles. The Filming Grip has been designed with both videographers and photographers in mind, great for action filming, time lapse and group shots thanks to its multiple features, and the compact and lightweight design (24cm in length and 300g) make it easy to fit in your pocket and take out with you on adventures.

Constructed from a durable aluminium alloy, a heavy-duty ball head and a sturdy smartphone clamp, the multi-functional rubberised grip works both horizontally and vertically and the ball head tilts 90degrees for multiple angles. The ¼” screw attachment means it can be used with cameras as well as smart phones, this could also be utilised for a microphone, flash or other accessories. There is a wrist strap included to avoid any accidental drops, whilst the Bluetooth shutter release can be mounted to the grip or removed, letting you take photos without reaching for the screen and take group shots minus the sprint to beat the timer. The Filming Grip doubles up as a mini tripod, simply slide off the grip cover and splay the legs for a stable foundation great for long exposures and time lapse footage. Both the Filming Grip and Photo iPhone Case work well with Black Eye lenses with the Filming Grip performing great as a standalone accessory, with high quality workmanship and functional features you can take your filming and photography skills to a new level. RRP €29.90 and €59.90

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Take your film and photography skills to the next level with these accessories
  • Strong, protective case
  • Lightweight aluminium mount (Phone Case)
  • Grip and tripod in one
  • Premium materials
  • Compact (Filming Grip)
  • ¼” screw attachment (Filming Grip)
  • Wrist straps
  • Price

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4 of 5

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