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Browning Recon Force Advantage Browning Recon Force Advantage
Browning Recon Force Advantage 5

We have recently been able to appreciate our outdoor spaces in a whole new way, you may have discovered a whole new world living on your doorstep that you never had the time to notice before.

The Browning Recon Force Advantage trail camera provides a way to get an even more detailed look into this secretive world, packed full of tech it allows you to capture videos and films of all the action happening when you are not around. This camera measures up at 5” x 4” x 2.5” with a rugged casing and camo finish it blends in with its surrounding and can withstand the elements. It comes with a 12-volt external power jack and can be mounted via the ¼” -20 tripod socket or the metal tree mount bracket. It is worth noting you will need 8AA batteries that are not included, we chose rechargeable batteries, even though on a full charge the battery indicator was saying there was 75% left but this didn’t have an influence on the battery life.

The Recon will also require a SDXC memory card that’s not included, with a compatibility all the way up to 512GB, the SD card management options allow you to choose to overwrite older images on the SD card if the memory is full. Images and films can be viewed on the television or computer via the TV out and USB Port, it is also compatible with the Browning Buck Watch Timelapse viewer software. The 2 inch colour screen sits at the front of the camera and allows you to set up the perfect angle and review your images without removing the camera from its mount, the SD card can also be popped out easily to check your footage without losing that perfect angle. The camera settings are fully adjustable with variable detection range from 55ft. – 80 ft, 3 different IR flash modes (Power Save, Long Range, Fast Motion) for capturing the best picture control at night with Illuma-Smart technology that automatically adjusts the IR Flash depending on the conditions.

The 20 MP pictures has an adaptable trigger speed between 0.2 – 0.7 second and a 0.6sec recovery time between Images, whilst the 1920 x 1080 full HD video can be set to either 30 or 60 frames per second. There is the option of selecting up to 8 multi shot rapid fire images with a programmable picture delay of 1 sec – 60 min. All the images have an information bar that not only displays the time and date, but also the camera ID, temperature and moon phase (for werewolves?). Additional features include the Timelapse mode, Smart IR video, which continues recording video whilst the animal is moving in front of the camera, the videos are also recorded with sound. When using the Recon Force for the first time all the settings might seem a little over whelming, but you will soon get the hang of things, the field of view and image quality provide excellent photos. We had few false triggers during high winds, but the majority of the footage featured something, even if it was our own cat, the videos are equally impressive with reasonable sound adding to the detail. All those setting options, healthy battery life and quality footage makes this camera ideal for everything from catching large game on your grounds or mice and hedgehogs at your back door. RRP £139.08

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Get a clear insight into the goings on in the outdoor spaces around you with the versatile and well-designed trail cam.
  • 20mp images and 1920 x 1080 FHD video with sound
  • 2
  • Batteries and SD card not included