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Datacolor ColorReader Pro Datacolor ColorReader Pro
Datacolor ColorReader Pro 4.5

When it comes to colour matching Datacolor are the go-to company for precise and easy readings, the ColorReader Pro boosts over 92% first-match accuracy, this smart device is highly portable and comes with a protective carrying case so you can pop it in your toolbox.

Suitable for painters and decorators, textiles, graphic designers, photographers, interior design, retail, architects, powder coating and DIYers, it’s user-friendly meaning anyone can get instant readings. To use the Pro you will need to download the ColorReader app and charge up the device, its then just a case of following the colour calibration steps. Next, press the top of the device, put it on any flat surface and hit the trigger button, the colour will then appear on the built in LED screen along with the top three closest paint matches. In the app you can get all the detailed colour values, you can get useful Colour measurements as well as Delta E, CIE Lab, RGB, Hex, CMYK, LRV and LCH measurements and displays RAL standard. You can save your favourite colours with personalised reference labels and share colours with friends, colleagues, clients and even paint stores, you can also sync fan decks to the device’s internal storage so you can use it without the app and see results right on screen.

There is the option to build your own colour palettes, and browse complementary, triad, analogous and monochromatic palettes suggested by the app. Digital fan decks are displayed of your favourite paint brands for inspiration as well as real time updates of the most frequently scanned colours from ColorReader giving you an insight into what’s trending all around the world. The magic is in the advanced optical lens and six high CRI white LEDs which isolate and illuminate evenly across the sample for highly accurate matching on the first reading. The quality control mode can be used to set a colour standard and compare subsequent readings to it, showing pass/fail, ΔL, Δa and Δb perfect for demanding industrial settings. The ColorReader Pro does a great job at providing accurate readings swiftly and efficiently all wrapped up in a work friendly package, the price tag might put off DIYers but it is ideal for professional use. RRP £259

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This highly portable colour reader provides fast and accurate results on the devices LED screen.
  • Over 92% First-match Accuracy
  • Convenient Carrying Case
  • LED Screen
  • Save, Label and Share Colors
  • Advanced Quality Control
  • On-device Colour Storage
  • Easy to use
  • Price might put off DIYers