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Datacolor Spyder Print Datacolor Spyder Print
Datacolor Spyder Print 5

When it comes to perfect colour, Datacolor has your back and now they have just added the Spyder Print to their collection, designed to meet professional printing needs, it come with the SpyderPRINT Spectrocolorimeter and base, a 6′ USB cable, the SpyderPRINT Software CD, guide and quick start guide.

Aimed at pro photographers and fine art printers, it gives you accurate screen matching colour, the software is user friendly, you can set up custom profiles to ICC standards, it supports both colour and black and white printing. The Spyder Print will work with any RGB driven printer, ink and paper combination including photography and fine art, post card printers and more. The software supports two readings modes either the individual colour patches or strips of colour patches for flexible control over the way you work. The Extended Greys Target is included to let you measure precision grey and near grey patches, bringing out the depth and quality of tinted and black and white prints.

The exclusive SpyderProof (soft proof) feature will give you a series of images to help evaluate the printer calibration results whilst the SpyderGuide provides ease in reading the printed targets to help you create profiles. Getting started is easy enough however creating the profiles can be a bit time consuming it is achieved by printing out a series of test patterns with colour management turned off and measuring the colour patches with a measurement tool (spectrophotometer) which range from 225 patches to 729 unique patches plus an additional 238 patches near the grey axis. Saying that it’s like anything that’s worth doing it’s worth doing it right, you wouldn’t be purchasing the Spyder Print if you weren’t a perfectionist. The Print isn’t a cheap investment, and it may take a little bit of your time to get going in the beginning but the results are well worth the effort for the flawless, true to colour results you receive. RRP £299

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A quality piece of tech that delivers professional grade printing.
  • Perfect for professional printing
  • Accurate colour and tones
  • Compatible with multiple printers
  • Easy to set up
  • Profiles take time to create