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Datacolor SpyderX Capture Pro Datacolor SpyderX Capture Pro
Datacolor SpyderX Capture Pro 5

When it comes to editing it is a must for photographers to have accurate colour management, what you see on different screens can vary greatly and it only takes the slightest anomalies for the end products colour to be off. The SpyderX Capture Pro is the ultimate colour management tool it comes with the SpyderX Elite monitor calibrator, Spyder LensCal lens calibrator, Spyder Cube for white balance and RAW conversion and the Spyder Checkr for camera colour calibration. Starting with the SpyderX Elite monitor calibrator, this is an integrated ambient light sensor that measures your room light throughout the day allowing you to adjust your display brightness and contrast to ideal levels.

The software can remind you to recalibrate or do it automatically for you with custom profiles based on light level. SpyderX Elite features 3 ambient light settings. The SpyderX Elite offers One-click Calibration, Step-by-step Assistant modes and Expert Console modes, you can calibrate multiple laptops, desktop monitors and front projectors. The SpyderProof feature, lets you see the difference between your monitor colours before and after calibration and it has the most extensive selection of calibration options, including photo, video, prepress and scientific calibration standards. The Softproof enables you to preview how your changes will look in print form on a specific printer model, paper and ink, and upload ICC printer profiles. The Spyder LensCal lens calibrator lets you calibrate your interchangeable lenses and recent DSLR bodies, ensuring you have razor-sharp focus and that the lenses are working properly. It is compact, lightweight and durable, and can easily be mounted on a tripod. The Spyder Cube speeds up RAW processing by taking a reference shot in any light conditions to set white balance, exposure, black, and brightness for the entire series giving you all the right information for RAW corrections.

The chrome ball is used for measuring the highlight to analyse the overexposed areas of the image and the white areas define the lights in relation to the highlights. Lastly there’s the SpyderCheckr, this is a colour calibrator, perfect for when multiple cameras need to be colour-matched, the 48 spectrally engineered colour patches include colours for more precise skin tone, medium saturation colour, and near-white tints and black tones. There is a full-size grey card on the back of the SpyderCheckr for correct white balance and you can track the light exposure of your target with the FadeCheckr light-sensitive patch (replacement cards available). The whole kit comes with a tough and compact carry case for easy transportation from the studio to location shoot to editing suite, the software is user friendly, encouraging you to get the calibration correct in a quick and reliable way so you can focus on creativity. RRP £359

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A complete calibration kit from shoot through to editing.
  • Four calibration tools
  • Robust carry case
  • User-friendly software
  • Compact tools
  • Precise and accurate