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Ezviz CB2     Ezviz CB2    
Ezviz CB2     4.5
I’ve reviewed a fair-few security cameras and my main criticism of the vast majority is that they can easily be nullified by simply cutting the power cable. To off-set this requires drilling through external walls and ensuring the camera is near a power source – not always a practical solution. The other main criticism is that you can either store footage in a subscription cloud (I hate the idea of a continuous paid-for subscription to make a product I have already paid for work as it should) or with a memory card and not usually both. Well, this one feels like someone actually took on board those criticisms of mine!

For starters, the camera supports micro-SD cards of up to 512GB of video (this is about 45 hours-worth of 1080p resolution the camera provides) which, when you consider it will only need to record whilst activated actually gives you a decent amount of time before you have to clear the memory card and start again. If this isn’t for you and you prefer to use cloud storage or are worried about the camera being stolen and losing footage you have this option too with a price ranging from £2.99 to £9.99 a month depending on how many days storage you wish to have. Finally, an option of one or the other!

The CB2 is powered by a battery that lasts up to 50 days (based on minimal recording of about 5 mins a day) and has Smart Human Motion Detection so only switches on when it needs to. It also has night vision up to 16 feet and 2-way talk capability although the latter is only available through the Ezviz app, but this is free and very useful for managing your camera. Finally, you have the option of mounting this with the included magnetic stand (best for indoors and varying angles) or by attaching it directly to a metal plate for a more solid grip and it comes in a choice of black or white. RRP £69.99

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