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Hoya PROND 1000 Camera Lens Filter Hoya PROND 1000 Camera Lens Filter
Hoya PROND 1000 Camera Lens Filter 4

Hoya was established in 1941 as Japan’s first speciality manufacturer of optical glass, they have been producing high quality lens filters ever since, the PROND filter comes in a range of light reductions from the PROND 2 with one stop light reduction all the way up to the PROND 100000 which offers 16 3/5 stop light reduction.

We received the PROND 1000 to play with, this filter is available in 46 49 52 55 58 62 67 72 77 82 95mm and provides 10-Stop light reduction which is equal to a ND optical density of 3.0. The lens has ACCU-ND technology which gives you a neutral colour balance that avoids adding any unrequired colour-cast to your photography, the PROND has been created to be used with still photography and HDSLR video markets. The filter has a Metallic ACCU-ND coating, this prevents a colour shift as you move from one density to the next, which can become a problem with some neutral density filters, simply set your white balance just the once and you will have the same colour balance, even when you change filters due to changes in lighting for example. The clear optical glass is exclusive to HOYA and has the metallic ACCU-ND coating front and back to create the neutral density affect. This filter has been designed to reduce the amount of light that can enter your camera, by reducing the amount of light hitting the sensor or film you can play with wider apertures and slower shutter speeds without overexposing the image.

This means you can capture dreamy images of rivers and waterfalls where the water looks like a smokey mist and play around with long exposures at night, a shallower depth of field makes subjects pop out from the background and it opens up many other creative possibilities. The PROND1000 is an extremely dark neutral density filter with a filter factor 1000, this filter factor converts to 10 stops reduction on the amount of light entering the lens, this gives you high levels of blurred motion and depending on the speed some moving subjects will disappear completely, you can shoot with shutter speeds as slow as 16 seconds. Constructed with a low-profile one-piece aluminium frame and parallel to the sensor it can be used with super-wide angle lenses, we found that it is a bit of a dust magnet so an appropriate cleaning cloth is a must have. The PROND1000 is a good quality light reducing filter, allowing you to produce some creative and original images. RRP £55

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This neutral density filter is fun to use and can produce some really creative images.
  • Metallic ACCU-ND coating
  • Clear optical glass
  • Suitable for super wide angle lenses 10 stops reduction
  • Bit of a dust magnet