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Matterport Axis 4.5

Right now, it’s definitely a seller’s market as far as housing is concerned. Not to mention the rise in Airbnb in recent times. What better way to advertise your property than by doing a video tour? Not “…and this is the lounge…” type video tours but virtual ones where anyone can click through a door to see the next room and observe each room with a 360 degree view. The problem is, a 360 degree camera is no cheap thing. However, most of us have a Smart phone these days right? In steps the Axis.

The Axis itself is pretty much a motorised stand that keeps your phone steady and revolves it around so that you can get a full 360 of whatever area you want to capture. Sounds nice but what’s to stop you just doing this yourself, holding the phone? Well, how many of us can honestly say we can keep a phone completely steady while turning on the spot? Plus, sometimes your motion-capture app doesn’t always put the photo’s together very well.

The Axis comes with a Matterport Cloud account for free and this is where all the technical stuff is done for you. The 3D Media Platform instantly creates videos and photo’s for you to easily link to so that you can instantly have your video up online with a minimum of fuss. And that’s the real sell here, the ability to easily use what you’ve recorded in a short period of time.

You can buy the Axis on its own or with a tripod (recommended!) and, although the tripod is definitely needed, it’s not the most solid of things so if you’re considering the Axis for outside use, you may want a sturdier one. It all comes in a foam-protected carry case too so it’ll be nice and safe when transporting it. RRP £79 (with tripod)

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Steady and reliable
  • Ease of use
  • Much cheaper than a 360 camera
  • 3D Media Platform
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Tripod could be better