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NightSearcher Tri-Spector 3 in 1 Rechargeable LED Inspection Light Kit NightSearcher Tri-Spector 3 in 1 Rechargeable LED Inspection Light Kit
NightSearcher Tri-Spector 3 in 1 Rechargeable LED Inspection Light Kit 4

The Tri-Spector 3 in 1 Rechargeable LED Inspection Light Kit from NightSearcher is part of their automotive range, it comes in a protective, hard carry case with foam padding inserts that keep the light protected when stored in the car boot.

As the name would suggest the Tri-Spector has three configurations making it suitable for a variety of situations, the main body has a comfortable grippy surface, a hook attachment on the bottom as well as a strong magnet that can be used to stick the light to the bonnet. The on/off button is located at the top of the handle, it is rather sensitive and easy to accidentally turn on or off whilst attaching or detaching the attachments. The attachments also take a little force to get them clicked into place but once there they are held securely. The three attachment heads include a flexible light that can produce 80 lumens, the 10inch flexible neck can be manipulated in all directions to get into the tightest of corners. The light head slides forward and backwards to change the diameter of the light circle but only by a small amount. The Spot-to-Flood flashlight can create up to 300 lumens, the head can be rotated 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.

Again, the torch head slides forwards and backwards to change the size from flood to spotlight, this time the size of the light changes more dramatically and a second press of the button will produce less lumens. Lastly the Slimline light and torch delivers up to 600 lumens, it has the same flexibility as the Spot-to-Flood, a second press of the button switches the light from the long strip to the small torch at the end of the attachment. Other features include the battery status indicator, chemicals and workshop solvent resistant finish, IP44 rating, 30m beam distance and 2-10hour run time depending on the setting. When the battery runs down it can be recharged via the included USB charging cable (4 hours charging time) or you can use the included AC Mains Adaptor to carry on working straight away. The Tri Spector is a versatile, rechargeable inspection light, it could be a little more user friendly in terms of the on/off button and attaching the heads but that can be forgiven for the variety of lights it can produce. £59.95

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This versatile light allows you to look into every nook and cranny of your car.
  • 3 light attachments in total
  • Powerful magnetic base and hanging hook
  • 1 Metre impact resistant and IP44
  • Rechargeable with battery status indicator
  • Resistant to chemicals and workshop solvents
  • AC adaptor
  • Ideal for auto mechanics
  • On/off button sensitive
  • Attachments take a bit of force to click into place