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Peak Design Travel Tripod 5

Peak Design have produced an extensive collection of practical camera bags, straps and carry systems to transport your camera gear in an organised and functional way, it only makes sense that they use their experience to create a Travel Tripod with the same thoughtful design we are used to seeing in their other products.

This tripod comes in either carbon fibre or aluminium construction, we received the latter to take a closer look at, what sets this tripod apart from the others is its compact construction. With the diameter of a water bottle, the legs are well designed so all the edges fit together perfectly, there are no protruding knobs or awkward handles, it is wonderfully streamlined.

The Travel Tripod comes in a rather smart tube packaging that if you are like me you will find an excuse to keep as well as its own zip up weatherproof carry case, easily suitable to attach to the outside of a bag or sling it over your back via the shoulder strap. This Tripod comes with a standard plate, 4mm + 2.5 Hex Wrench, mobile mount and bushing removal tool, weighing 1.56 kg in total which can handle up to 9.1 kg, when packed down it measures up at L39.1 x D7.9 cm, the max height of this tripod is 152.4 cm, not the tallest of tripods but suitable for most situations.

The ergonomic adjustment points make for a superfast set up and take down with minimal fiddling, all four leg joints can be opened in one go with one hand, repeat this three times, pull the legs out by the feet and close all three segment clips with one hand. When fully extended it has high performing stability and vibration damping, the low and inverted modes can raise the camera just inches off the ground, there is an integrated load hanging hook, non-slip feet, plus, it is durable, 100% serviceable and backed by the Peak Design lifetime guarantee.

There is a built in and stowable mobile mount, the Hex key can also be mounted on the tripod without compromising the sleek closure, the ultra-smooth, omnidirectional compact ball head makes for easy adjustment in all directions all via one single ring.

It is compatible with all PD plates and most 3rd party Arca-type plates, the removable pins allow use with most Arca-type L-brackets. The Travel Tripod is highly compact with every detail carefully thought through, it is weatherproof, stable, quick to deploy and easy to adjust, there is nothing not to love.

RRP £281.00

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Possibly the best travel tripod in its class, we expected nothing less from Peak Design.
  • Light and compact
  • Weatherproof carry case
  • Ultra-fast Deployment
  • Strong and stable
  • Low and inverted modes
  • Ergonomic ball head
  • Simple locking ring for total security
  • Built-in and stowable mobile mount
  • Guaranteed for life