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Sandmarc Pro Case iPhone 11

The most convenient way to use any of the Sandmarc lens is via a Sandmarc phone case, we received the Pro Case for iPhone 11, designed to have a minimal profile the Pro case aims to provide comfort, durability, versatility and style to your shooting experience.

The soft microfiber lining helps protect your case, there are metal buttons, a multi-layered exterior finish and most importantly the aluminium threaded lens mount. This case is compatible with all Sandmarc’s Anamorphic, Telephoto, Wide, Macro and Fisheye Lenses, it is dual camera capable and features a multi-layered rubber texture finish for a more secure grip whilst shooting. The buttons are responsive, the materials used are lightweight and it has a good amount of flexibility to it, it quickly secures and lines up the lenses and can easily take the weight of even the chunkier lenses. RRP $29.99

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Aluminum Thread
Durable lens mounting system
Metal Buttons
Works well with all Sandmarc Lenses

Case may not be robust enough for some environments

Sandmarc Wide Lens Edition (iPhone 11 Edition)

The Wide Lens Edition is an ideal companion for making use of iPhone 11’s night mode, for better low light ultra-wide photography, this Wide Lens helps capture sharp photos and videos both in the front and rear iPhone camera. The Wide Lens comes with the world’s thinnest lens case and can offer 2x more field of view, it features a multi-coated 16mm lens and can be attached to the camera via a Sandmarc case. If the case isn’t for you however there is another option, the clip mount, this is a little trickier to line up but once in place it holds firmly whilst shooting with a soft silicone finish where the clip meets the screen preventing scratches and providing that strong grip. For 2x wider shots and recordings on your front mounted camera the clip mount is the only way to attach it.

The iPhone 11’s improved selfie camera has 12mp 4K video capability but still doesn’t feature an ultra-wide lens mode. This lens is made from premium multi-coated optics, for sharp images with minimum distortion, it is filter compatible and works with Sandmarcs PL & ND Filters, measuring up at just 24.2m in height and weighing just 71g it is so easy to store this lens in your pocket, ready for whenever you need it. RRP $99.99

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2x Wider Capture
PL and Scape ND filter compatible
Minimal distortion
Patented thread design for direct filter mounting system
Multi-element, multi-coated glass
Premium construction
Compatible with 40.5mm step-up rings
Clip-on mount and lens pouch
Front and back lens caps

Sandmarc Hybrid Filters

To make your images pop even further, Sandmarc have created a range of Hybrid Filters, this kit comes with a Polarized ND16 Filter (ND16/PL) – 4 Stops, ideal for cloudy days in winter, the Polarized ND32 Filter (ND32/PL) – 5 Stops is suited for mild cloudy days in spring and autumn whilst the Polarized ND64 Filter (ND64/PL) – 6 Stops has been designed for sunny days in summer. It all comes in a handy roll up protective case and a phone clip mount, the multi coated, anti-reflective glass is fitted in a strong but lightweight aluminium ring.

The hybrid filters contain two of the most commonly used filters, a polarizer filter that reduces glares and reflections whilst boosting in colour and a neutral density filter which gives you more flexibility with shutter speeds, offering more control over exposure and light. If you have only ever taken photos on your phone you will be blown away by the results with these filters, no need to add often low-quality digital filters afterwards you get great images straight away. The filters are compatible with the Wide, Anamorphic and Telephoto Lens Compatible with slight vignetting when using with Anamorphic lens, or it can be placed directly over the camera lens via the screen friendly clip mount. With a twist of the lens the intensity can be adjusted for greater control over the results. These lenses are so easy to use and add a wonderful amount of depth to the image, a great choice for those looking to bring a new dimension to their phone photography. RRP $129.99

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Harness the power of the iPhone 11 camera and make those images pop with these Sandmarc accessories.
  • Multi-coated, anti-reflective cinema glass
  • Universal Patented Clip-on system
  • Premium build quality
  • Combines neutral density and polarising quality
  • Add depth and colour to images
  • Reduces glare and reflections
  • Not easy to quickly identify which filter is which
  • Cannot be used with the case mount without a lens attached