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Snapchat Spectacles 3 Snapchat Spectacles 3
Snapchat Spectacles 3 3

Snapchat are still fighting to make their line of spectacles popular and the newest third instalment comes in at double the price of their original offering with an RRP of £330. The first difference you notice is that the frames are made of steel this time rather than plastic, still with the familiar round lenses they come in either Carbon (Black) or Mineral (Gold). They have the same functionality in that you can press either button to record 60 seconds of footage or hold for stills, an LED lights up to indicate recording is active so your friends who are after a candid video will be fully aware of what you are doing.

You can then sync the device to your smartphone and edit the photos to your hearts content. So what’s the difference in this model from the previous? These come with a second HD camera which allows extra depth and a charging case which will hold up to four charges. After the first generation of the model Snapchat were left with around $40 million of unsold stock so this will be made in a more limited supply. RRP £330

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Available in around 2-3 weeks. RRP £330
  • Extra HD Camera Frames made from Steels
  • Expensive
  • Gimmicky

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