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Spider X Backpacker Kit Spider X Backpacker Kit
Spider X Backpacker Kit 4.5

If you’re the kind of photographer that likes to capture moments as you see them rather than set up for them then you’re probably familiar with those perfect pictures agonisingly missed by precious seconds as you’re struggling with your camera strap/case/excited hands in an attempt to capture it before it goes! The Spider X Backpacker Kit aims to be a solution to this problem.

There are 3 components to this kit. Firstly, you get the holster. This is the lynchpin for the rest of the set up and can be easily attached to any belt simply by clipping it directly on. Next you have the Camera Plate. This is a fully adjustable plate that is designed to fit securely on to your camera. It has ‘camera bumpers’ to help keep the camera from slipping and you get an Allen key with it to help tighten the plate to your camera. As well as this, it has a mounting hole sized ¼”-20 that fits the majority of tripod stands so no need to fiddle about removing it if you want to use one of these instead. Once in place, it’s very secure (quite essential really!) and you can then slot the anti-twist pin in to the holster to keep it securely in place. The holster has a quick access release trigger that self-locks to prevent any accidental slipping out meaning you can carry your camera around confident it will be safe and, crucially, available at the flick of a switch!

The third component is a Backpack Adaptor that the holster slips in to. This has been designed to fit on to a backpack strap so you can keep you camera even closer to the kind of height you would use it at and not be on your hip, potentially getting in the way of other essential gear you may need on your journey. RRP £75

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A very good, easy to use and set up camera backpacker kit, a must-have if you’re a keen photographer while out hiking.
  • Very secure
  • Easy to use and set up
  • A further adaptor plate can fit a Go-Pro
  • Convenient
  • The plastic mount for the shoulder strap could get a little uncomfortable over time.