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SpiderPro Hand Strap SpiderPro Hand Strap
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When you have your camera in your hands the SpiderPro Hand Strap can offer an extra level of security, designed for professional camera bodies and shooting environments with an ergonomic design for maximum comfort and support.

Unlike regular hand straps that can be made from non-sturdy construction, making it more awkward to insert your hand quickly and offering poor support during use, the SpiderPro Hand Strap has a more thoughtful design. With universal compatibility this Hand Strap’s thin but durable material slides in between the camera body and any tripod plate, no need to buy a new one. With a sturdier design you have a strong connection to the camera and can quickly insert your hand in and out but there is still enough flexibility to be able to reach the controls at the back of the camera. The ergonomic curved shape provides access to the battery and memory card compartments, the shape and materials provide a good support for the weight of the camera by sitting above your knuckles up near your wrist. The genuine leather moulds to the shape of your hand over time, along with the memory foam inner lining it is comfortable for even long periods of time. RRP $65.00

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The SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2 and SpiderPro Hand Strap combined make a great duo to ensure you camera is safe, always in reach and comfortable in your hand, no matter how long you are shooting.
  • Comfortable Curved design
  • Allows access to battery and memory compartment
  • Universal compatibility
  • Sturdy shape
  • Forms to hand over time