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Zeniko MR11 Smartphone video Rig Zeniko MR11 Smartphone video Rig
Zeniko MR11 Smartphone video Rig 4.5

Technology on phones these days is such that anyone can easily knock together a decent-looking video with not much effort at all. However, you’re still using a hand-held device and no amount of anti-shake tech is going to remove that ‘found footage’ kind of look and you’re missing out on so many interesting filming techniques that you could otherwise use, not to mention it gets boring after a while. This rig from Zeniko aims to give anyone using their mobile phone the potential to have more professional looking videos with a minimal effort.

The built-in LED light provides better lighting than your phone alone would provide and also gives you 5 levels of colour temperature (all the way up to daylight level) and brightness, giving you good flexibility for lighting. To further enhance this, other variations of light-source are available such as LED or RGB and there is also an on-camera microphone to help enhance the audio pick-up. All of these attachments are extras you will need to buy separately but the rig is perfectly fine doing it’s job by itself, they’re not needed to get good use out of it. One aspect I particularly liked is the detachable Bluetooth remote control with a range of 30 metres, giving you the ability to set up the rig on a tripod and film yourself without having to rely on anyone else being there to hold the camera – perfect for streamers or content creators that don’t have the luxury of extra friends helping them out!

The rig charges via USB cable (provided) and, as well as having a plug-in option to charge your phone, can also act as a wireless charger while your phone is attached. There is a 3/8” port for a tripod and 6 ports sized at ¼”, giving you plenty of customisation opportunities to suit whatever it is you’re trying to achieve. The phone holder can be set up horizontally or vertically and it can hold up to 95mm in width but, if you have a phone smaller than 57mm, this rig will not work for you! RRP £64.50

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A very handy, versatile rig that should help lend that air of professionalism to your videos.
  • More professional looking videos
  • Handy wireless charger for your phone
  • Versatile
  • ‘Cute’ remote control!
  • The battery life with LED on is just under 4 hours – you may want to bring an external battery pack!