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Zeniko OC-D1 Zeniko OC-D1
Zeniko OC-D1 4

Elsewhere in this issue, we have reviewed the Zeniko MR11 rig, designed for holding phones in place and getting professional looking video content. The OC-D1 is one of the attachments you can use with that rig, an on-camera microphone. Thankfully, it’s not just an attachment for that rig but is also compatible with other cameras and recording equipment meaning you can attach this to any device with a 3.5mm jack, making it fairly versatile. It also comes with 2 types of cables: The TRS is good for picking up both mono and stereo while the TRRS cable also allows the microphone to be picked up separately from the right and left stereo, allowing you better control in the post-edit and able to control the volume input independently of background noise.

As well as the technical advantages these cables bring, you have two multi-directional microphones on the top of the unit that are easy to swing in to place and have a 360° reach so that you have as much coverage in the right direction as much as possible when capturing your audio. Speaking of audio, you also get a low-cut filter that helps diminish bass in the lower end of the spectrum, cutting out a lot of background noise and giving you a much clearer recording of what actually matters. As well as this, there is a +/-10Db switch, giving you the option of turning up the volume pick-up if needed or turning it down if you’re getting distortion.

The battery life is good, lasting for 15 hours before re-charging is needed and a nice little (literally!) feature is an inbuilt air-bag that helps to absorb shock (when walking for example) which keeps the audio quality crisp and clear and allows you to move around without fear of losing out. A tidy little package! RRP $44.90

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A nice little microphone kit that is versatile and picks up the audio you want. Plus, the microphone covers look like cute little fuzzy monsters! Where did I put my googly eyes…?
  • Adaptable to most systems
  • Sound filter to cut out background noise
  • Different types of cable supplied for different uses
  • Good battery life
  • No automatic switch off when you turn your recording equipment off – could lead to unexpected very dead batteries!