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Zeniko VS5 R Zeniko VS5 R
Zeniko VS5 R 4

This RGB (Red, Geen, Blue) light from Zeniko has been designed to be used independently or you can mount it on the Smartphone video rig from Zeniko, reviewed elsewhere in this issue. When used like this, it provides a great backlight, set up with minimum hassle but this lightweight (comes in at 86g’s) light has many other uses, even if you don’t have the rig or set up to make use of it when recording content.

For starters, it has several different lighting effects ranging from a candle-light glow to lightning, allowing you to help set the scene (where a real candle isn’t possible for example) for a romantic night in or for your horror movie project you’re working on! Of course, one light may not be enough to set the scene so, if you have more than one, you can use the available app to synchronise multiple lights and control them all with a single button press (the range is about 12 metres, leaving you plenty of room to play with), giving you full control of whatever lighting option you need. As well as this, the light ranges from a soft glow to a full daylight (and higher!) intensity allowing you to tailor it to suit.

I mentioned previously that this was compatible with the video rig but as well as that, the VS5 R comes with a magnetised back, allowing you to position the lights anywhere as long as there is metal to cling to (Handy hint – corners of plaster walls often have metal in them to help stabilise during construction!). It also has a handy flip-hook on the back so you can either attach it to hang it from the ceiling or from a suspended line or even use it to support the light at an angle. RRP $40

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A compact, versatile piece of equipment that is easy to just ‘bring along’ when you’re doing your vid or taking pics or even just use as a camping light.
  • 13 different lighting effects
  • Ability to synchronise multiple units
  • Wide range of lighting intensity
  • Compact and portable
  • You probably need multiples to really get the best lighting you’ll need