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Amazfit GTR 2e Amazfit GTR 2e
Amazfit GTR 2e 4.5

This month we are reviewing a new release from Amazfit with their GTR 2e model, we have previously reviewed their Bip U and Neo smartwatches which you can find on our website.

The GTR 2e Smartwatch comes in three colours Obsidian Black, Slate Grey or Matcha Green, this arrives alongside the GTS 2e as a cheaper alternative to the Amazfit GTR 2 and GTS 2 which were released a few months ago, offering largely the same features as the GTR 2 but £40 cheaper in a near identical round watch design.
So what differences are there between the 2e and the 2?

Physically not too much really, the GTR 2 has 3D curved glass vs the GTR 2e’s 2.5D, the GTR 2 has a stainless steel body vs the GTR 2e’s aluminium alloy body and the GTR 2 has oDLC diamond-like carbon coating vs the GTR 2e’s glass vacuum coating. This means the more expensive model has a slightly clearer screen and is a bit thicker than the GTR 2e, you also get three colour choices with the newer model rather then just black like the original.

Feature wise some features have been cut from the GTR 2e such as the speaker allowing you to take phone calls, however they have more than made up for this with both the reduced price and increased battery life. Typical battery life has been increased by 10 days from 14 to 24, basic use from 38 to 45 days and heavy use from 6.5 to 12 days.
You can only get a silicone strap with the GTR 2e which I found made my wrist sweaty during workouts and make sure you wash regularly as after a few days it will build up some alien gunk behind the strap. The features however I thought were great, with easy navigation I could use the optical heart rate sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, air pressure sensor, temperature sensor and ambient light sensor and all were reading true to other models I checked at the same time. RRP £119

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A smartwatch with up to 45 days battery life.
  • Price
  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Battery Life
  • Limited strap option