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Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition
Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition 4

Snorkelling can be an amazing experience, getting to view the landscapes and creatures that live below the wave is like visiting another planet, however snorkels aren’t always the easiest pieces of equipment to work with, breathe in a mouthful of salty water once and the trust is broken. The Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition is a complete redesign of the standard snorkel for all applications including choppy open water.

The Ameo Powerbreather Wave Edition is more than just a tool to gawp at fishes however, this has been created for triathletes and anyone who wants to swim in both the pool or moving free water and works well for lower swimming positions. Unlike the standard snorkel the Powerbreather has two breathing tubes, which form a two-way separation system, this means there is always fresh, oxygen-rich air available, with the exhaled air being forced out the bottom of the device through the speed vent, you get a much more natural breathing action. Each Powerbreather comes with the Powerbreather unit, 2x Speedvent Easy S (Standard), 2x Speedvent Easy L (Extended version for open water / WAVE Edition only), 2x Flip Cap (for flip turn or open water / WAVE & LAP Edition only) and a zip up travel case. Suitable for all performance levels, triathletes and snorkelers and ideal for technique, endurance and respiratory muscle training in one, we would recommend swimmers in open waters to have had some experience with snorkels just to be extra safe as it can feel quite strange to begin with.

The Ameo Fresh Air System, means that for the first time the swimmer breathes only fresh air, no pendulum breathing, the valve technology protects water from entering the unit, which eliminates the need to blow out liquids from the snorkel. The D shaped tubes sit either side of the face whilst the head strap has a twist lock system making for fast and secure fitting, however the twist lock can catch little bits of hair so it maybe worth wearing a cap. The straps on the goggles may also need to be adjusted just to avoid the Powerbreather pressing them into the head, the mouth piece feels quite large at first but when you are using it, once the head is in the water the position feels instinctive, however you may notice your jaw aches a little once you are back on dry land. The only other issue we found was that the mouthpiece can’t be quickly popped out to talk or take a quick drink, the whole unit has to be removed and then retightened when put back on. Waves and turns in the pool are no match for the Powerbreather, getting a good pace on is easier by keeping your head down for longer and taking large natural breaths, whilst watching marine life is more comfortable than ever with this snorkel. RRP £109.00

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Push harder and further in the water with the Powerbreather or simply enjoy the sights whilst breathing in the most natural way.
  • Ameo Fresh Air System
  • Two-way separation system
  • Always fresh oxygen Speed Vent for natural breathing
  • Twist Lock System for comfortable and secure hold
  • D-shaped profile for optimum airflow (inside) and flow resistance (outside)
  • Doesn’t fill with water (no blowing water out of the tube)
  • Whole unit needs to be removed to take or take a drink
  • Twist lock can catch hair Jaw aches a little after use (probably no more than other snorkels)