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BAM Bamboo Clothing Enduro Leggings with Side Pocket BAM Bamboo Clothing Enduro Leggings with Side Pocket
BAM Bamboo Clothing Enduro Leggings with Side Pocket 5

I read an online list the other day about “things people just don’t need to buy”, on this list was exercise clothing, with the explanation being, “just wear an old cotton t-shirt it will get sweaty anyway”, this just proved the author had never attempted anything more energetic than raising a biscuit to their lips.

Even if you aren’t working up a crazy sweat the right clothes are so important, take workout leggings for example, too tight and they will restrict your movement, too lose and you are likely to flash a builder’s bum at some point. The Side Pocket Enduro Leggings from BAM (Bamboo Clothing) are a great choice for a range of activities, these 7/8 leggings come in five attractive colours, Fig, Black, Ocean Teal, Rich Navy and Teal (our sample colour). They come in sizes 8 to 16 and feature a handy 16cm x 7cm pocket, ideal for storing your keys or your phone, although when testing my phone slipped out when I did headstands. These leggings certainly passed the squat test thanks to their fully opaque design, the 340gsm Enduro fabric is also highly absorbent whilst breathable, helping you to keep cool and dry when you get your sweat on.

The deep waistband and contouring contrast flatlock stitching provide a very comfortable fit, the 64% bamboo viscose, 24% organic cotton and 12% elastane combo gives you a super amount of stretch, letting you flex into even the weirdest of shapes whilst at the same time hugging your muscles and remaining supportive. The slightly thicker material might be a little too warm for high intensity work outs, especially in warmer temperatures but apart from that the Enduro leggings are suitable for most other workouts as well as daywear. The colours are beautiful, they feel great on and move freely with your body, I loved them in the yoga studio as they had the perfect balance of stretch and support, and that high waistband and opaque finish meant I wasn’t displaying more than I wanted to. RRP £50.00

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These leggings are great for the gym or the high street.
  • Deep elasticated waistband
  • Fully opaque, squat proof
  • 7/8 length with contour seaming
  • Soft, supportive and comfortable
  • Stretchy Large pocket is easy to reach but out of the way (side of the right leg)
  • Beautiful colours
  • Breathable and absorbent
  • Phone can slip from the pocket during inversions