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Bamboo Clothing Novea S/S Training Top Bamboo Clothing Novea S/S Training Top
Bamboo Clothing Novea S/S Training Top 4

More and more textile companies seem to be turning to bamboo as their preferred clothing material and, as their name implies, these guys have gone all out with it! BAM Bamboo Clothing are a company that takes their impact on the planet with great seriousness, conducting studies in to their own impact and focusing on every part of the products’ journey from the crop grower, how the materials they use are processed, right through to the people making the clothes themselves. It’s fair to say there is a level of transparency here that you rarely get to see in many modern companies. So, when you buy from them, you can be pretty sure you yourself are making a minimal impact through your purchase.

On to the Training top itself. The largest element of this top is the unique material that BAM Bamboo Clothing have designed called Novea. It’s made from a blend of Bamboo viscose and Naia™ which is a fibre made from wood pulp that has been responsibly sourced. The top is 59% Novea, 32% acetate and 9% elastane giving you a product that is very light, breathable and extremely soft. It’s surprisingly heavy at 190 gsm (most light T-shirts come in at about 130-150 gsm) but due to the way it’s made and the material it’s made from, it doesn’t feel like it. The bamboo within it does a good job of retaining moisture and so the top doesn’t get as damp as traditional cotton for example, meaning less restriction the further you go through your workout. It also means less need to wash it as regularly as a traditional cotton top as oxygen doesn’t reach the moisture therefore less bad smells are created.

The design of the top itself is pleasing and it comes in a choice of two colours, black or Olympic blue. RRP £44

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You can buy this top happy knowing you will be limiting your contribution to any environmental impact as well as being able to work out in comfort.
  • Lightweight feeling
  • Very sustainable
  • Fully recyclable
  • A little tight